Homemade Cures For Acne That Work Every Time

There are many cures for acne on the market but the best treatment is right under the people’s noses – in their kitchen. The ‘home treatment’ isn’t backed up by dermatologists or medics but it seems it helped a bunch of people get rid of acne. The products listed below can be bought from any grocery shop while some can be found at health food stores.

First, we have some drinks: the Nettle tea and wheat grass juice. Drink 1-2 cups of each per day. Also don’t forget the drink 7-8 glasses at water. It will do miracles to your body.

Then we have some more cures for acne to apply to infected areas. Anything from Aloe Vera juice, cucumber, garlic, papaya. Make a paste of the above with water and apply to your acne 1-2 times per day. You will see results in the following days.

Let’s not forget of an ancient acne treatment: lemon juice combined with cinnamon. Mix these together and apply on and around the pimples.

Masks that you can apply on your face are also good cures for acne. Don’t forget to wash off after one hour after applying these. The masks could be made from tomatoes, sesame seeds (combined with water), pomegranate (should be mixed with lime juice), salt and vinegar (attention: this mask should only be used for 30 minutes before washing off).

The only mask that should be kept overnight is the honey and cinnamon one. Mix the two ingredients in equal quantities and wash off the following day with water. It will reduce swelling greatly.

Most of the ingredients above are 100% natural and have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. If used regularly, these cures for acne will clean your face and get rid of the oily sebum that causes your pores to clog.

You can always use a natural acne cure to clear you skin.

Natural treatments have been proven to be a lot more effective to cure acne. Besides, they are relatively cheap and readily available and the risk of side effects are very minimal.

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