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This website celebrates A Treasury of Great Recipes, the iconic 1965 cookbook by Mary and Vincent Price by connecting Vincent Price fans, lovers of the book itself, websites featuring recipes, with the 50th anniversary edition of the book, due out in 2015 from Calla Editions of Dover Press. In support of the new edition, Mary and Vincent's daughter, Victoria, will be traveling around the United States and Europe revisiting the restaurants in the cookbook, as well as new restaurants--and collecting new dining and life experiences. She will also be reaching out to chefs, foodies, and other longtime fans of the book to collect their experiences in support of this anniversary edition.


Road Trip Blog

Dining with Friends--Part One: The Midwest

Victoria Price

My 5,000 mile March road trip proved to be a true whirlwind of joy, activity, and connection. I returned home only to leave a week later for Los Angeles. Then, after a brief pit stop at home to jump back into my "real life", I headed out on another 4,000-mile road trip in early May. All this to say that I am only now just catching my breath enough to sit down and write the next entries in my blog. So, with apologies for the unexpected hiatus, at long last. . .here goes! 

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Musical Interlude: My Top Ten Road Trip Songs

Victoria Price

I'm almost home after three weeks on the road--and I have one last entry to write. . .about my wonderful dinners in Chicago and St Louis. But for today, I thought I would share a little of my life on the road--not the motels, gas stations, or dubious road food. . .but my life in the car.

Brunhilde (my bronze BMW X1 loaded to the gills and saddled with a friend's heavily laden Thule roof box) has been my trusty companion of the road on this trip. We've become like an old married couple. I absolutely love her, am grateful for her every day, and tell her so all the time, but she is also over-bearing. . .quite literally. She prefaces every navigation decision with the polite but irritating phrase, "Prepare to bear left. Prepare to bear right." All this on a straightaway, when there is no bearing to be done. And then, I am told to "bear left" or "bear right" at least six times during any freeway interchange. I've taken to arguing with her, and I know she finds me increasingly irritable as the days wear on into nights. We flat out fight sometimes--when her warnings come to late and I miss a turn, when her suggestion for the nearest gas station routes me across rivers with no bridges, or when her low tire warnings ding all day long despite not having any low anything. . .except perhaps patience. It's a marriage made in heaven, really. I adore her, wouldn't want to live without her. . .and she can't argue back when I get testy.

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Coda: Object Lessons from My Mother

Victoria Price

After leaving Boston's MFA on Friday afternoon, I walked through the Fenway to the Isabella Stewart Gardner--another of our favorite museums, but one which I hadn't visited in 25 years, since before the famous heist in which their Vermeer and other masterpieces were stolen (and never recovered). Like the MFA, the Gardner has been encased by a modern addition with a library, gift shop, and restaurant. But once you enter the original home, everything is as it was.

The Gardner courtyard is even more stunning than I remembered--an oasis of Venetian grandeur and calm in the middle of Boston. I sat down on the ledge of the surrounding loggia to enjoy the perfectly-plotted greenery and the dancing white phaleonopsis orchids artfully placed as part of their winter planting. People on balconies throughout the three stories above gazed down, drawn to the elegant beauty and eternal spring of the this immense and perfect glassed-in conservatory. I could feel all the emotions of my day fall off me as I sat taking in its exquisite peace.

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